Moab, the Great American West

Funny name for a small town lost somewhere in the heart of the United States, and which seems so popular with connoisseurs.

Moab is certainly one of the most active places in the United States. Just that. We spent several days there, between walks, hikes and more surprising activities like ballooning. And of these few days, we obviously have a nice memory. Because the landscapes of Utah are truly amazing, of course, but also because of the many things that can be done in these environments that have become almost clichés of the far west.

First article in our new series, which will focus on transcribing what we have experienced in the immense regions of the American West, we return today to Moab, this city located between two of the most famous American national parks.

To recontextualize the thing, we had just arrived the day before in Salt Lake City, which we will talk about soon. After picking up our car at the airport, we finally took the road to Moab, a small town well known in Utah, a few hours away, further south.

Barely the first kilometres covered that we are already beginning to discover the disproportionate landscapes of Utah. Rather desert, even arid, they can be discovered through amazing geological formations. Here hills, which strangely remind us of Painted Hills much further north, there are rocky peaks or even these famous plateaus, so typical of the image we have of the great American west.

And then we arrived in Moab. A city finally a little lost, and surprisingly touristy.

The city is the ideal place to stop and discover the area because it is located between the famous Arches National Park, only a few kilometres further north, and the very (but very) impressive Canyonlands National Park.

So that’s where we put our small (and big) suitcases for a few days of visit. Not surprisingly, the city is clearly oriented towards tourists. In its main street, there are logically plenty of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops where you can buy all the equipment of the perfect cowboy, small miniature arches or even hiking equipment.

Well, we always tend to doubt a little bit about the origin of the products sold in places popular with travellers. However, we don’t really ignore our pleasure, and we end up enjoying the walk in this rather pleasant city… especially under a shining sun (even at the end of September!).

Since we stayed a few days in Moab, and had to eat and drink, we took the opportunity to bring back some addresses to discover on our map of the city of Moab below.

But before telling how we found the best spot to drink beers in Moab, let’s look back at one of our favourite spots, a first for us. The flight over Arches National Park in a hot air balloon….

That day when we had to get out of bed a little early to have the chance to see a sunrise that will remain etched in our memories for a long time.

Already because, as is often the case, Seb – who we can say now, is the more freaked out of the two – was already starting to growl at the thought of getting into a balloon that would make him take off from the mainland. But also because it was a first for us. And that we didn’t really know what to expect.

When we went early in the morning to the place where our balloon was going to take off from, the first thing we noticed was these few guys shaking around a huge canvas of all the colors on the ground. As in the distance, the first rays of the golden sun began to raze the landscape. For more travel tips click on this link.

Then we noticed a basket a few meters in front of us, the nacelle in which we all had to climb more or less skilfully.

And in a few moments, very slowly, the balloon started to rise. And so it was to the sound of the burning gas burner that we let ourselves be carried to the sky, with the indescribable feeling of floating in the air (for those who have never done one). And in a kind of absolute tranquility, perfectly adapted to the moment, we were able to admire the landscapes scrolling gently under our boat.

Sometimes we were high in the sky, sometimes the nacelle was only a few meters above the ground.

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